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1979 Toyota 20R 4 Cylinder Pickup 4X4, first year Toyota imported 4wd into the US market. 65,462 original documented miles, 4 speed transmission, manual locking hubs. This is the base model pickup, not the SR5. The only added option at the time of purchase was power steering. Sorry, no AC and no radio time to toughen up!

I am the second owner of “Ol’ Whitey” and purchased him from a Toyota dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2005. I am not a car flipper and he was the first old Toyota in my collection that now consist of two Celicas and four trucks.

The back story on the truck is this: Ol’ Whitey was originally purchased new at a dealership in the bay area by a vintner for his wife. She ended up not liking the truck, so he used the truck around the vineyard (hence the low miles). He eventually traded the truck in to the dealer where I purchased him and the mechanic at Toyota convinced the general manager to clean him up and try to resell him. The dealer told me that when it came in, it was dirty, the front bumper was bent in on the driver’s side, the grill was damaged and the hood was bent up a little. But the overall body was in excellent shape and the mileage was extremely low. They repaired the damage and repainted the truck the original color using a two-stage paint. They put the truck on sale and had it inside on the showroom floor when I purchased it. I bought it immediately since it was the original type of truck I grew up with. I received all the original paperwork and receipts, etc. from the original owner who gave it to the dealer.

This Truck is an excellent example of an original classic. I have always tried to keep everything original. The only alteration I have done was to put in a carpet kit but I have kept the original vinyl floor, which is in excellent shape if the new owner wants to switch it back.

The body of the truck is remarkable. It has three or so tiny chips on the front hood and has a dime size ding on the front driver’s quarter panel. The bed seams have no rust except a small bit on the rear driver’s side as seen in the photos. All things on the truck work as they should. All lights and electronics function properly. He shifts smoothly and does not use any coolant or oil. Cylinders check out at 150 psi across the board. He has no leaks except one extremely small leak between the transmission and transfer case, so small that the fluid level is always the same after a one-year check. He does have some dents in the bed that Toyota did not repair, but none on the body. The tailgate is not original and I have the receipt from the original owner that purchased it from the dealer. The tailgate I always wanted to replace, and it is the one thing I could never find at the salvage yards. They were all too rusted out. The dashboard does have some cracks, as shown in the photos. The Toyo tires are old but still have a lot of tread. They show no cracking, but probably should be replaced in the near future.

There is almost zero rust on the body and the undercarriage as seen in the photos. When I purchased Ol’ Whitey, I had no intention of it ever being a daily driver. He has always been garaged, never off roaded or driven in the rain. I only take him to the store occasionally or on a twenty-minute ride down the highway. I have added a lot of miles to some vehicles in my collection but not to this garage king.

I have recorded all maintenance and repairs and have always tried to use OEM parts when available. The fuel level sending unit would get stuck on the half level on the gauge when I first purchased the truck, so I took it out and cleaned it and it worked fine for years. Then it sat for three years when I was up in Michigan working and now every once in a while, it will stick and will probably need to be cleaned again.

Some things I have done to the truck excluding maintenance items are: Replace clutch master and slave cylinders, replace blower motor resistor and relay, replace voltage regulator, replace all leaf spring bushings x24 (energy suspension poly), replace clutch, pilot bearing, throw-out bearing (Aisin kit), replace rear U joint, replace all vacuum lines, replace accelerator pump diaphragm (OEM Toyota).

Has original carburetor and Federal emissions equipment.

The reason Ol’ Whitey is being sold is that I am in the process of selling my entire collection and will be moving out of state soon to a rural location where I will not have the storage space or storage facilities nearby.

I have a clean Washington title in my name. I live in Washington but stay at a home I own in Kansas during part of the year the truck is in western Kansas. He is a blast to drive and everywhere you go people stop you and ask a million questions and want to look inside and out! I want him to go to a good home and I am sure the new owner should have at least another 43 years of reliability and fun. In its current condition, it should last a lifetime. It’s a Toyota 20R for heaven’s sake!

$18,900 cash or cashier’s check or possible wire only. We will need to do an exchange during normal banking hours to verify cash or cashier’s check in the bank. I will meet you at a place of your choosing in my town or my home. Contact me by email if you have any additional questions or wish to set up an appointment and leave your number. I only check my email once a day so I will respond as soon as I can. Thanks for looking, please no trades and no sight unseen sales. For more information, photos and other vehicles I have for sale please visit my web site at:

1979 toyota pickup 4x4 pickup for sale by owner - Larned, KS - craigslist (2024)


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