Modi readies for third term as India’s PM after securing coalition (2024)

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was preparing on Thursday to be sworn in for a third term after an unexpectedly close election that forced his party into a coalition government.

Modi’s Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which had ruled for the past decade with an outright majority, had been expecting another landslide win.

But results of the six-week election released on Tuesday ran counter to exit polls, seeing the BJP lose its majority and sending it into quick-fire talks to lock in a 15-member coalition that would allow it to govern.

That grouping — the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) coalition — announced late on Wednesday that they had agreed to form a government.

“We all unanimously choose respected NDA leader Narendra Modi as our leader,” a BJP-issued alliance statement said.

The alliance holds 293 seats in parliament, giving it control of the 543-seat body. Indian media reports said Modi would be sworn in as prime minister on Saturday.

Modi’s new reliance on “the minefield of coalition politics” means he faces the prospect of a far tougher-than-expected third term, the Hindustan Times warned in its Thursday editorial.

“Consensus building will have to be the bedrock of governance,” it added, noting the right-wing BJP will have to “recalibrate its expansion plans”.

‘Play the coalition game’

Commentators and exit polls had projected an overwhelming victory for Modi, who critics have accused of leading the jailing of opposition figures and trampling on the rights of India’s 200-million-plus Muslim community.

But the BJP secured 240 seats in parliament, well down from the 303 it won five years ago and 32 short of a majority on its own.

The main opposition Congress party won 99 seats in a remarkable turnaround, almost doubling its 2019 tally of 52.

Analysts said Modi’s reliance on coalition partners means he faces the prospect of a far tougher-than-expected third term.

“It will force Modi to take the point of view of others — we shall see more democracy and a healthy parliament,” said Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, who has written a biography of Modi.

“He will have to be a leader that he has never been; we will have to see a new Modi.”

“Today’s masters are not as strong as they were,” Christophe Jaffrelot, a professor at King’s College London, wrote in The Hindu daily on Thursday.

“For the first time in his political career, Narendra Modi will have to play the coalition game.”

Congress party president Mallikarjun Kharge said the result was a vote against Modi “and the substance and style of his politics”. “It is a huge political loss for him personally, apart from being a clear moral defeat as well,” he told party leaders at an opposition alliance meeting.

In a personal sting, Modi was re-elected to his constituency representing the Hindu holy city of Varanasi with a far lower margin of 152,300 votes. That compared with nearly half a million votes five years ago.

“Elections expressed a yearning for the defence of constitutional values and citizen dignity,” Ashutosh Varshney, a political scientist at Brown University, wrote in the Indian Express on Thursday.

Varshney argued Modi’s setback reflected concerns about what the “idea of India” meant to voters — against a backdrop of a “rise of animosities and polarisation in society, people’s concern about rights and the steeply rising inequalities”.

Some newspapers offered a less exhilarated view.

“India cuts Modi down,” The Telegraph daily, from the opposition stronghold state of West Bengal, splashed across its front page.

Coalition Karma,” read the headline of India’s Mint newspaper.

‘New chapter of development’

While Modi faces a more complicated political environment at home, he won the plaudits of leaders from around the world.

US President Joe Biden congratulated Modi on his coalition’s victory, and the State Department said the United States hoped to work with the Hindu nationalist leader on a “free and open” Asia.

“The friendship between our nations is only growing,” Biden wrote, while French President Emmanuel Macron congratulated his “dear friend”.

China congratulated Modi and said it was “ready to work” with its neighbour, while the coalition’s win was also applauded by Britain’s Rishi Sunak, European Union chief Charles Michel, Russia and Japan.

Modi, 73, insisted on Tuesday night that the election results were a victory that ensured he would continue his agenda.

“Our third term will be one of big decisions and the country will write a new chapter of development,” Modi told a crowd of cheering supporters in the capital New Delhi after his win. “This is Modi’s guarantee.”

Modi readies for third term as India’s PM after securing coalition (2024)


Modi readies for third term as India’s PM after securing coalition? ›

Modi, 73, insisted on Tuesday night that the election results were a victory that ensured he would continue his agenda. “Our third term will be one of big decisions and the country will write a new chapter of development,” Modi told a crowd of cheering supporters in the capital New Delhi after his win.

What all has Modi done for India? ›

The prime minister – who secured a rare third term in office this week – has positioned India and its fast-growing economy as a crucial player in global issues like climate change and development, while cementing New Delhi as a key security partner for the United States and an aspiring leader of the Global South.

What is the age limit for PM in India? ›

Be above 25 years of age if they are a member of the Lok Sabha, or, above 30 years of age if they are a member of the Rajya Sabha. Not hold any office of profit under the government of India or the government of any state or under any local or other authority subject to the control of any of the said governments.

What is the NDA government in India? ›

Narendra Modi, 73, will lead the five-year term of the new government for a third time as the 15th prime minister with the support of allies under the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). The results of the elections, which began April 19 and concluded June 1, gave the BJP 240 seats in the 543-member parliament.

How many years has the BJP ruled India? ›

Since 2014, it has been the ruling political party in India under the incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Who is the PM of 2024 in India? ›

India's Modi to take oath as PM for third term with coalition allies. India Election 2024 News.

What was the result of the election in 2024 in India? ›

Incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi's governing BJP won 240 seats, falling short of the 272-mark that indicates a majority in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of India's parliament, which has 543 seats in total.

Can a prime minister serve three terms in India? ›

The BJP fell 32 seats short of the Lok Sabha majority mark after winning 240 seats but will retain power - and hand Narendra Modi a third term as Prime Minister - on the back of NDA members' 53 MPs.

Who is youngest PM in India? ›

At 40, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest Prime Minister of India, perhaps even one of the youngest elected heads of Government in the world.

Who was the longest serving Prime Minister of India? ›

Let us look at the longest serving prime ministers of India. Jawaharlal Nehru: He remained in power for 16 years and 286 days, from 1947-1964, when he died of a heart attack.

Who started NDA in India? ›

Concurrently an action plan to commission a permanent war academy at Khadakwasla(Pune) was commenced and Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru himself laid the foundation stone on 06 Oct 1949.

Is NDA legal in India? ›

Are NDAs enforceable in India? By law, an NDA is considered a legally binding contract in India. Indian high courts have historically upheld them as long as they adhere to the Indian Contracts Act, and are not restrictive agreements that restrain signees from carrying out a lawful profession in the future.

Is India growing under BJP? ›

The Modi government has grown India's economy. But it has not been as successful in creating productive jobs for the large proportion of India's labour force who are unskilled and poor. Around 40% of workers remain in agriculture, and only about 20% work in manufacturing jobs or business services such as IT.

Who is making government in India in 2024? ›

On June 7, President Droupadi Murmu formally invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to form the next government, after the National Democratic Alliance's Parliamentary Party elected him as its leader.

How many times has the BJP won in India? ›

Modi led the BJP to landslide victories in the 2014 and 2019 elections, winning 283 and 303 respectively, becoming the dominant leader of the world's largest democracy.

How much support does Modi have in India? ›

"Support for Modi as 'Best Choice for PM' Falls from 66% to 24% in a Year, India Today Poll Finds". The Wire. 16 August 2021. Retrieved 19 April 2024.

Whose party won the election in India? ›

New Delhi:

The Election Commission of India has declared results for 542 of the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies, with the BJP winning 240 seats and the Congress 99.

Who was the first minister of India? ›

La Shri Jawaharlal Nehru Prime Minister Date of appointment.

Who is the chief minister of India? ›

List of chief ministers
AssamHimanta Biswa SarmaNDA
BiharNitish Kumar
ChhattisgarhVishnudeo Sai
DelhiArvind KejriwalINDIA
27 more rows


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