OpenXR for Varjo AERO using OpenCompositeACC mod: works great, very smooth (2024)

(updated: June 10th, 2022)

hey, guys,

thanks to @mimikiwi on Discord and other super cool guys we figured out how to make OpenXR work for Varjo Aero.

The performance gets a serious bump in the 'smoothness' department. There are no jitters/tears, the performance is super smooth. You can still see the blur looking outside the co*ckpit on left/right at low level, but it beats the jitter mess that OpenVR introduces.

To make it work for Varjo Aero:

1) download the mod from (latest version 0.6.1

The above links are old, the .zip download still works but it has older files, so I recommend you navigate to the latest release page:

Download file (x64bit): openvr_api.dll (link:

This file provides a redirect mod from openVR to OpenXR framework in Varjo application ecosystem.

2) place the downloaded openvr_api.dll in to \bin\ folder in DCS (or use a mod installer):

Important: openvr_api.dll is part of the DCS core install (for OpenVR support), hence it already exists in \bin\ and the system will prompt you to over-write it. Back up the existing openvr_api.dll file if you want to revert back to OpenVR/SteamVR support. Then go ahead and over-write it with the downloaded file. Please note that any subsequent updates to the game may/will over-write this file with the ED provided one, hence check after each update whether or not you need to over-write it again. If you forgot to back up the original you can always restore it via Steam file check integrity of the whole DCS game (it'll re-download the original file).

3) create a file called opencomposite.ini in \bin\ folder. Some people need this file, some don't, but on my system I get an error if this file isn't present when launching DCS. Copy/paste the following contents in to the file using the notepad app:

;Mirror mode outputs a shared texture for use by OBS plugin

;Performance stats enables writing of performance stats
; If enabled press F11 to start stats capture to file
; File is currently output to \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Assetto Corsa Competizione\AC2\Binaries\Win64\teststats.csv

;Hidden area mesh fix now is autogenerated you no longer need to put in manual values see changeling V0.6.1

;Use OpenXR layers to handle GUI overlays and HUDs, if set to false will render internally directly onto swap chain before submitting


4) Open Varjo Base application and make sure OpenXR is enabled

5) make sure OpenVR is DISABLED in VarjoBase (doing so may affect other SteamVR games you play, so remember to switch it back ON if you're playing games that rely on OpenVR)

6) Make sure V-sync is disabled in Varjo Base. Otherwise you'll get a lot of ghosting in-game.

7) run the game with "dcs.exe --force_steam_VR" (create a shortcut, add the --force_steam_VR line at the end. Make sure it's indeed dcs.exe in the shortcut and not dcsupdater.exe or some other file names)

Note1: If there are problems with the aspect ratio of the DCS (tilt your head left or right and the whole picture skews to the left or to the right) you may need to re-run the WMR debug tool to resolve the aspect ratio problems. It was necessary to run it when we figured out the support for OpenXR back in March. However, with the latest DCS builds the need to run WMR tool is no longer there.

**************IF you need to run /or/ re-run the tool:**************
a) delete a single headsetname.lua file from %:\Users\username\SavedGames\DCS\ <-- this file will exist ONLY if you ran the WMR debug tool before. If you never used the correction tool then the file won't be there, so proceed to b) below.
Note2:headsetname <-- this could be Quest2, or some HP or Dell in its name, or HEDY.lua (it changes for some reason). You need to have the "show file extensions" option turned on in the File Explorer in order to see the .lua extension. But it'll be the only .lua file under \SavedGames\DCS\ so just go ahead and copy it to some other folder for backup purposes and then delete it from SavedGames\DCS\
b) make sure the autoexec.cfg file with the below config line exists in %:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS\Config\ folder. If it doesn't exist, just create one with notepad app and copy/paste the following line into it:
force_cross_eye_recovery_tool = true


8 ) Since with OpenXR the SteamVR app is no longer launched/used the render resolution is controlled by Varjo Base (the ppd numbers) and it doesn't offer any option for custom resolutions, i.e. it's either at 35ppd or 37ppd, etc. So, in order to set the custom resolution you must use the OpenXR Toolkit developed by a @mbucchia.

The toolkit can be downloaded here:

Please read through the manual in the above link, it explains how to launch it and all the settings in the tool-kit.

In the tool-kit you have 2 options for resolution control:

  • System tab / Override resolution: Enable overriding the overall OpenXR target resolution. You can just set whichever vertical/horizontal numbers you need to achieve the desired result.
  • Performance tab / Upscaling: OFF (default), NIS, FSR
    • allows you to reduce the 'size' of the screen, i.e. lower the resolution (you'll see ver/horizontal numbers there)
    • then when either NIS or FSR selected, the selected algorithm will upscale the picture to 100% resolution (either the one set in VB, i.e. ppd, or in System/override resolution tab of the toolkit)
    • it also allows you to modify the sharpness. I.e, even if you don't reduce the 'size' you can still add sharpness anyway (you must select either NIS or FSR for the sharpness setting to become available)

Color Saturation/Sharpening:

1) use OpenXR toolkit from above, there are multiple options available (read the manual)

2) Reshade 5 doesn't work with OpenXR.

OpenXR for Varjo AERO using OpenCompositeACC mod: works great, very smooth (1)

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OpenXR for Varjo AERO using OpenCompositeACC mod:  works great, very smooth (2024)


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