What each Sunset Island Theme kinda means and small tips for each! (I'm not sure for some but I try! | Fandom (2024)

-Anime/Cartoon: It basically means Anime since most people do Anime. People usually usually do MHA, Naruto or Demon Slayer.

-🐾Animal 🐾: Pretty self-explanatory-

-A Pirate's Life: Become a pirate. It also helps if you have the Pirates Hook and the hat accessory

-Beauty Pageant: Dress beautifully. I usually put on my best-looking skirts/heels/corsets. Hope that helped!

-Birthday Party: Kinda self explanatory- I usually dress up as a kid/child

-Black and White: Another self explanatory theme. You can do a goth or a punk style (It doesn't really matter-) You can also do your main outfit but in black and white. I usually do a fancy look with that theme

-Blue and Green: Another self explanatory theme. I also do a fancy look

-Blue Bliss: Dress in blue. I usually do a blue ombre (I have the fabrics pass). Try to make the outfit look relaxing, like an ocean wave vibe.

-Country Roads: I'm not too sure what it means, but I dress up as a person that lives in rural areas

-Celebrity look-alike: Any celebrity (Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeren, e.t.c) Ariana Grande is a very popular choice...

-Daring Diva: Diva means a "Hard to please" person. Daring means "bold/adventurous", so I would do a "In your face" diva

-Denim & Diamonds: Many people misunderstand this theme. Some people only dress up in diamonds, some people dress up in demin only. What I do is the December Dream Heels with the "Pants" toggle, color it like jeans, Parasol with a few other accessories which I use the "Diamond" fabric

-Dripping in Gold: Just cover yourself in gold.

-Dripping in Diamonds: Same thing as Dripping in Gold, but with diamonds instead

-Fairytale: Fairytale kinda means old Walt Disney movies. Cinderella is a very popular one, but no one chose "The Sleeping Beauty"... yet >:)

-Flower Power: This one is hard. I would recommend getting the Persephone's Garden or Forest of Roses wings

-Food for Thought: Many people become food... But the actual meaning is "Something that should be thought about or considered carefully" (I found it on google)

-Freestyle: Dress as freely as you would like! I usually do my main outfit.

-Futuristic: Dress kinda like a humanoid robot

-Galaxy/Space Fashion: G A L A X I E S

-Green Glamour: Fancy, but green. Probably like a nice shade of green too.

-Good Vs Evil: Self explanatory. Some people do superheros

-Gothic Wardrobe: I'd suggest using the Gothicutie Set, Shadow Empress Set and the Opposites Attract set, color it all black with black/smokey make up.

-Halloween: This one can have 2 meanings

Meaning 1: Halloween, like the actual holiday. I usually dress up as an Angel trick-or-treating

Meaning 2: Spooky Halloween Colors

-Haunted: Dress up spookily. A lot of people are ghosts

-Heroes vs Villains: MHA is popular here

-High-End Designer Fashion: DO NOT use the Louis Vuitton fabric (If you can). Instead, do fancy and expensive

-Hipster: Flowers. Period.

-Incognito: This one can also have 2 meanings.

Meaning 1: Stereotypical spy

Meaning 2: Spy, but normal looking bc they don't wanna look suspicious

-Kawaii (Cute Fashion uwu): Dress up cutely. It is best if you add pastel colors

-Light Fairy Vs Dark Fairy: Light is never picked...

-Masquerade Ball: This one is hard. I would suggest using the Masquerade mask/the Pavillion Mask (I'M SORRY IDK WHAT IT'S CALLED)

-Misunderstood: I do a brat that's misunderstood

-Mysterious Mermaids: Mermaids. This is when the "Queen of the Ocean" skirt comes in handy

-Mythological Creatures: If you don't know what this means, it basically means creatures like vampires, werewolves, elves, angels, dragons, e.t.c

-Nature Fairy Vs Ice Fairy: Ice fairy is usually picked

-Neon Glow: I would do the skin color as pitch black with "Up and in your face" colors. You can use items that glow OR use the items that can be made glowing. I'm not sure how to explain how to get the items to glow, but I know how to make it glow-

-Orange You Glad: Dress up as a happy person wearing orange

-Out of the Toy Box: Many people do Barbie

-Pastel Perfect: Fancy, but pastel

-Pick An Age: 0-100 Years Old: Can't help you with that ;w;

-Playful Purple: Purple, but witty and playful

-Pool Party: Self explanatory

-Pretty in Pink: Dress up pretty, but in pink. I would recommend using a light pink

-Pretty Preppy: I do a rich school girl

-Punk\/Rock: Gothicutie set is perfect for this. If you don't have it, then use a lot of fishnets and smokey make up

-Representing Your Realm's Fashion: I can't help you with that ;w;

-Royal Slumber Party: Dress up as a princess/prince at a sleep over

-Royalty: Fancy princess/prince

-Silver Slay: Fancy Silver

-Snow Day: Dress up as a kid playing snow outside

-Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Dress up as a rainbow

-Sporty!: This one is hard... I would dress up as a football player or a cheerleader

-Summer Vacation: Relaxed person on vacation

-Sweet Like Candy: DO NOT do cotton candy

-Valentine's Day: Dress up as a person receiving chocolate

-Vampire vs. Werewolf: No one ever does werewolf

-Water Fairy Vs Fire Fairy: Self explanatory

-When I Grow Up: Dress up as what you would want to be when you grow up (A baker, YouTuber, doctor, e.t.c)

-Your Favorite Color: Dress up as you favorite color using your favorite things

-Your Favorite Holiday/Season: Most people do winter. I do Halloween 😂

-Zombie Apocalypse: Many people become a zombie

What each Sunset Island Theme kinda means and small tips for each! (I'm not sure for some but I try! | Fandom (2024)


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