Is Apple switching to RCS? (2024)

Is Apple switching to RCS?

After years of resistance, Apple has finally announced that it will support Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging on iPhones by 2024. This decision comes after persistent attempts by Google, Samsung, and other competitors to persuade Apple to adopt the technology.

Is Apple going to use RCS?

The changes will come once Apple adds support for a technology called rich communication services, also known as RCS, next year, the company said. RCS is like the more modern cousin of short message service, or SMS. Green message bubbles signal that they are coming from an Android or other non-iPhone user.

Is Apple getting rid of green texts?

But messages from Android phones will still appear as green bubbles, suggesting those who want the bubble divide to burst may have a long wait. The company said it will introduce support for a new messaging standard - Rich Communication Services (RCS) - on iPhones and iOS devices from 2024.

Is the EU making Apple use RCS?

Thanks To EU, After USB-C iPhones Will Support RCS In 2024: Here's What It Means For 'Green Bubbles' Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has finally caved in and received Google's message. It has announced that iPhones will include RCS support in 2024, a feature typically utilized by Android devices, by the year 2024.

Will RCS replace SMS?

Will RCS replace SMS? RCS is designed to replace SMS in the sense that it's the next generation of the message protocol. However, we probably won't see legacy SMS go away anytime soon.

Will RCS replace MMS?

RCS is a contender for the new standard that could replace MMS, at least on some devices. It stands for "Rich Communication Services" and offers more interactive communications than we usually associate with text messaging.

Is RCS messaging good or bad?

Encryption in RCS and SMS

Both RCS and SMS feature encryption; however, with RCS, it's end-to-end (E2E) encryption that's considered the gold standard in messaging security. End-to-end encryption means that only the sender and recipient can read the messages exchanged, even if someone were to intercept them.

Is RCS better than iMessage?

Apple also reiterates that iMessage is far more secure and privacy-friendly than RCS. iMessage is end-to-end encrypted, and Apple just took that up a notch with Advanced Data Protection for Messages in iCloud. Meanwhile, Apple says that RCS does not currently support encryption that is as strong as iMessage.

Why does Apple make Android messages green?

Texting an Android phone from your iPhone defaults back to the older SMS technology, which means no read receipts, no typing indicators, and no high-quality picture and video messaging. Instead of blue texts, outgoing texts to Android users were green. “There's a stigma associated with green bubbles,” says Miller.

Why are green texts not going through on iPhone?

If you see a green message bubble

There are several reasons for this: The person that you sent the message to doesn't have an Apple device. iMessage is turned off on your device or on your recipient's device. To check if iMessage is turned on for your device, go to Settings > Messages > iMessage.

What is the Apple RCS law?

The law says it should be possible for a user of one messaging app (like iMessage) to be able to communicate with someone using a different messaging app (like WhatsApp).

What does RCS mean Apple?

RCS, or Rich Communications Services, is an advanced messaging protocol that offers features such as read receipts, typing indicators, high-resolution media sharing, and group chats.

What brands are using RCS?

Brands like Subway, Fintonic, Best Buy, Orange, and many others, are using RCS Messaging to send personalized recommendations, create a frictionless BOPIS experience, send real-time updates of sporting events, and improve customer onboarding.

Should I turn off RCS?

Even though RCS improves the texting experience, it might not be the preferred solution for everyone. You may want to turn it off if you decide that RCS isn't for you. If you have issues with the connection, turning off the setting and reactivating it might be a good reason to do so.

What are the disadvantages of RCS?

Cost and complexity

While RCS boasts a richer feature set, these features come with higher costs and increased complexity. Both price point and complexity can deter businesses from choosing RCS, especially smaller businesses or those with tighter budgets.

Why does RCS fail?

Check the Google Messages version: Make sure you and the person you're chatting with have the latest Google Messages version. Check your default messaging app: Make sure that Google Messages is your device's default app for SMS. Check your Android version: You must have Android 5.0 or higher for RCS chats to work.

Does RCS cost money?

As long as you're connected to a Wi-Fi network that you don't have to pay to use, there should be no cost to send and receive messages. If your messages are sent using mobile data, the cost is based on your mobile data plan.

Does anyone still use MMS?

In today's world, nearly everyone sends text messages regularly, both individuals and businesses, whether it's through SMS, MMS or messaging apps. SMS stands for Short Message Service, while MMS meaning is Multimedia Message Service.

Does RCS work over WIFI?

When RCS chats are turned on, you can send messages over Wi-Fi and use other features. If your carrier and device aren't automatically set up for RCS chats, you may be offered RCS chats. You might be asked to provide your phone number.

Does Apple still use SMS?

When people with iPhones and Android phones text each other, Apple relies on SMS and MMS, outdated and less secure systems that do not support end-to-end encryption. RCS, though, can enable end-to-end encryption – and RCS conversations are end-to-end encrypted between Messages by Google users.

Why does my phone switch from RCS to SMS?

If the individuals you are chatting with do not have RCS chat, your messages will automatically convert to SMS or MMS. IPhones still do not have RCS messaging enabled, so when iPhone users and Android users text each other the messages will default to SMS.

Why does Google want RCS?

Today we want messaging that lets us do things like share high-res photos and larger files, chat with a group, know when messages are read, or make video calls. Rich Communication Services (RCS) makes all this possible, and now the mobile industry is coming together to bring it to users everywhere.

Does RCS have end-to-end encryption?

And now, all of your RCS conversations in Messages by Google are end-to-end encrypted, including group chats, which keeps them private between you and the people you're messaging.

What does RCS stand for?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) are available on Android devices. How RCS chats work. When you use RCS chats by Google, messages are sent and received through Google's RCS backend over the internet.

What is blue bubble on iPhone text?

iMessages are texts, photos, or videos that you send to another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac over Wi-Fi or cellular-data networks. These messages are always encrypted and appear in blue text bubbles.

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